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Here we will share vacation photos, vacation trips and travel information on places we have traveled to in our Lincoln Town Cars. Also, we may include stories and articles from around the world from other Lincoln owners. We hope you enjoy our "On the Road" vacation travel articles and photos. We will have vacation travel articles on San Antonio and the Alamo, Colorado and other places in the future.
Me and my car on the "Million Dollar Highway" between Ouray and Silverton on our 2004 Colorado vacation; photo taken by my wife.
Kilgore, Texas vacation trips.jpg
vacation photos Kilgore,TX Rangerette.jpgvacation travel, Texas Ranger.jpg
Texas Ranger "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullas
Kilgore, Texas has the distinction of having what was once the world's richest acre. Click on the images above for the colorful story of this East Texas town and one of the most famous Texas Rangers of the twentieth century. Travel with us back in history.
Me and my Town Car in Jefferson, Texas, in front of the House of the Seasons
Jefferson, Texas; a colorful small town in East Texas with much history of the steamboat era. We have been there several times and we will have an article on this very interesting town in the future. This is a good place for a vacation trip or a travel spot for a few days.
travel photos of Lincoln Town Car in Natchitoches, Louisana.jpg

Jefferson thrived when the steamboats used to come up the Red River and dock in the town. The House of the Seasons above, actually has a copula room on the top where the ladies could watch the river to see when the steamboats would arrive.

There are several homes and buildings from the early to late 1800's that are preserved. Fortunately, people there didn't modernize the town to destroy the historical significance of the area. There is a hotel that famous people stayed in, Jay Gould's railroad car, museums and lots of antique and gift shops. We will have an article on this famous East Texas town in the future. Taking a vacation trip to Jefferson is just like going back in time.

Car shows. These are pages of car shows and meets we have been to, with vehicles of all types from mild to wild customs, classics, and muscle cars. Some of these pages will be updated as we attend more car shows.
My Jack Nicklaus Edition Lincoln Town Car beside the Cane River in Natchitoches, Louisana on a vacation trip
Natchitoches, Louisana. This is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisana purchase, which now includes several states. Established in 1714, this sprawling town along the Cane River has much interesting history and many original plantations and buildings still there. We will have an article about this in the future along with more vacation photos and graphics.
We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation visit to Nachitoches, LA. There is so much history there and many original buildings. There are several plantations from before the Civil War, a complete fort replica of an original French fort of the 1700's, old homes, shops and delicious local dishes! This is another good destination to travel to for a vacation trip. We will have an article in the future. Check back with us.
Sherry Krantz, Miss World of Wheels in the 1980s.
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Click on the Grill above to read about a special Ford-Lincoln dealership with lots of history. This is in a good destination for a vacation trip in Louisana.
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vacation photos of Park Ranger at Oakland Plantation in Louisana.jpg
Lincoln Town Car Photos Page Two
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Lincoln Town Car Photos Page Three
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Lincoln Town Car Photos Page Four
Oakland Platation close to the Cane River near Natchitoches, Louisana
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Lincoln Town Car Photos Page Five
Niki was a nice young lady that was our National Park Service Ranger tour guide at Oakland Plantation.
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Lincoln Town Car Artistic Photography
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