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There are still tens of thousands of Lincoln Town Cars of the 1990s on the road today, providing their owners with reliable, comfortable, full size luxury transportation. Many of these cars have already gone over 100,000 miles and will be driven to 200,000 miles and more. However, in order to ensure trouble free service, there are some maintenance issues that have to be addressed and taken care of. Normal maintenance and replacement of parts of the type for any vehicle should be adhered to. Below are information, links to repair and maintenence specifics, recommendations, and general thoughts on keeping the Lincoln Town Cars running for years to come. We hope these will benefit all of you who already have Lincoln Town Cars of the 1990s and any who are anticipating acquiring one. This page will be updated as often as we can to bring you the latest and most pertinent information available. Most of the links included here will take you to other web sites so please bookmark this page before you click on any links. We are presently working on Lincoln Town Car parts sheets for the 1990-1997 models, and will be including excerpts from my 1997 Service Manual CD. Except for copyrighted material on other web sites, You may print out any information on these pages on my web site, (provided you have plenty of printer ink) as they are not copyrighted like my other pages.

You can probably buy a Service Manual CD and parts sheets on eBay. Just punch in "Lincoln service CD" and "Lincoln parts sheets", or Lincoln cars. The Helms manual is highly recommended. The Haynes Lincoln RWD repair manual by Motorbooks Intl. is no longer available. However, it can be found on used book web sites. It is a fairly good manual that covers many repair situations. The ISBN #is: 1 56392 379 3.

It is very important you adhere to at least the minimum service recommendations in the Lincoln owner's guide manual that comes with each Town Car. If you don't have the manual, look on eBay or check with a Lincoln dealer to purchase one. Transmissions should be serviced completely with a fluid and filter change, including torque converter, and/or flush every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. It is highly recommended to put in red top "LubeGuard" trans additive if your transmission is pre 1996. The green top LubeGuard can be put in later Lincoln Town Cars. We have it in both our '97s and it does make the trans perform better. Change your engine oil and filter together every 3,000 miles or 3 months. Check your air filter every few thousand miles and replace as necessary. Have your fuel filter changed every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. Have the cooling system and all hoses checked and back flushed with a machine every two years. Have your drive belt in the engine compartment changed about every 35,000 to 40,000 miles. The engine EGR passages should be cleaned about every 100,000 miles and the dealership has a "Vac" machine to clean the entire upper passages and upper cylinders with a special solution. This should be done about every 35,000 miles on pre 1996 Lincoln models. 1996 and later models with the newer manifold can go somewhat longer. Always keep good brakes, which should last about 35,000 to 40,000 miles for pads on the front; maybe longer on the rear if you have 4 wheel disc brakes. Shock absorbers should be changed about every 30,000 to 40,000 miles for good ride and handling. The rear air suspension bags may go bad as early as 80,000 miles, although some last well after 100,000 miles. As with any vehicle, common sense maintenence will make the Lincoln Town Cars last a lot longer with much less expense.

Engine and Drivetrain
Plastic intake manifold replacement. A must read for every Town Car owner from mid 1995 to 2001!
Intake manifold service
Transmission service
Transmission cooler
Cleaning the EGR Channels
Replacing DPFE sensor on 1995 with aluminum intake.
Starter Motor Replacement
Replacing coolant line under the intake manifold.
Testing and changing valve seals
Air compressor replacement '95 Town Car
4.6 Liter oil filter adaptor gasket replacement
Changing Vital Fluids
EGR valve replacement
Fuel Tank Solenoid
Power steering flush
Lincoln parts sheet 1
Lincoln parts sheet 2
Lincoln parts sheet 3
Lincoln parts sheet 4
Lincoln parts sheet 5
Lincoln parts sheet 6
Lincoln parts sheet 7
Lincoln parts sheet 8
Lincoln parts sheet 9
Lincoln parts sheet 10
Lincoln parts sheet 11
Lincoln parts sheet 12
Lincoln parts sheet 13
Lincoln parts sheet 14
Replacing blend door actuator
Moon Roof adjustments
Upgrading Front Speakers
Upgrading Your Radio Head
JBL audio system
Temp control bulbs
Rear Power Window Repair 1992 Town Car
Door hinge adjustment or replacement
Door hinge pin replacement
Rear power window repair
Replace wiper multiswitch
Keyless entry system
Ash tray panel repair
Dash panel removal
Replacement bulb charts
Keyless entry system
Repairing Fogged Headlights
Replacing side mirror bolts
Trunk pull down repair
Trunk key lock emblem
Hood ornament replacement
Cornering lamp removal
Headlamp refinishing
Suspension & Brakes
Replacing rear air spring
Repairing rear air springs (with photos)
Air Compressor Replacement - 1995 TC
Air suspension diagnosis
Detailed rear suspension maintenence and repair
Compressor Relief Valve Fix / '90-'97 Town Car
Replacing front brake pads
Rear rotor/brake pads
Big brake upgrade for '91-'97 Town Cars
Sway bar overhaul/pitman arm replacement ('91-'94)
Lincoln Town Car Technical Specifications
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