1997 Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition Lincoln Town Car

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This Town Car was for sale in Florida. It is basically identical to my own 1997 Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition Town Car, except for the bug deflector on the hood, which is probably needful in Florida; and a few factory options.
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Interior photos of this Jack Nicklaus Edition.
This JN Edition is a very clean auto and the photos here are very good. The locations are excellant backdrops for such a luxurious automobile.
Look closely and you will see two magnificent Huskey dogs in front of the house.
A fine luxury auto in front of a typical yacht fit for a Lincoln owner. Notice how the color shifts from blue to green with the lighting. This is the "Deep Evergreen" pearlized paint color on our 1997 Jack Nicklaus Edition Town Cars.
Another photo showing the color shift from blue to green. I truly love this color!
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