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We do photo restoration and photo enhancements. We can repair old torn and faded images, missing parts, color correction, custom selection of persons and objects, and placement on custom backgrounds. We have over 400 backgrounds to appropriately compose your image to your specifications.

We take the utmost care with your treasured images and do not alter them in any way. Original images or negatives are scanned in or another photo is taken of your original to insure a high quality digital file to work from.

We also do photo enhancement and retouch of those priceless wedding, family, and portrait photos. You must have the copyright permission for any photo as such that we work on.
In my portrait photography business I can offer you, as a customer, the custom backgrounds and effects you see on my other web pages. I do location photography and can even bring my portable studio equipment to where you are.  
I offer wallet through 30" x 40" images. Final sizes of restored images depend on the original we have to start with. Many can be enlarged.  
I can also glamourize photos with facial retouching, color replacement of clothing, adding props, etc. Check out my other pages, especially the model pages.
Do not attempt to take any photo out of a frame. Leave it as is and let us look at it first. Some images may stick to glass, etc.
Check out our other Restoration pages for more examples of our work.
My Dad when he was a policeman when I was a child. This is a hand tinted canvas image of him.
After I restored a digital file of the original.
An old faded family photo
Give us a call. 903-399-1270
After I worked on the scanned image.
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