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These are models I have worked with or taken photos of. Some are working models and can be reached by contacting me or information on each models page. There are also portrait poses & images. You can have the same type of images & effects. .
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If you are a model in the East Texas area, I can do a portfolio for you and help promote you online. I do videos also. Individuals can also have model poses and tasteful glamour photos. I also do touch up on facial features, scars, etc. with special computer enhancement.
This is one of the magazine overlays I have for images.
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Many of the effects and custom images you see here can be applied to individual and family portraits, on location indoors or outdoors. I can apply glamour, high fashion or just computer enhancements to any person's photo. I also can do touch up and much more for custom looks for you.
Katie Berry
Shelby Martin
Morgan Lasyone
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Lydia Crump
bikini model custom photo
Ashlyn Hilton
2007 Texas Bikini Team
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