Computer Enhancements Page One
These are examples of images done by me. The actual portraits were taken by another photographer who hired me to do his graphic artistry. He has moved now, but I can do these techniques to portraits taken by me or use your own quality images. Other montages, special effects, etc. can be done. Large copyright isn't on final images
Page Two
II supplied all the backgrounds here, which I can use for your photos.
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I have these and other flowers for props and backgrounds, such as the photo at right.
Variations on the same portrait. I put the girl on the stool and the backgrounds.
Girl sitting in front of genuine antique piano in antibellum home.
This family was placed on custom background and I also did skin touch up and softening. I can eleminate minor skin blemishes, wrinkles, red eye, slimming of torso, etc.
Check out page two for more examples.
Check out my partial background gallery
I now have over 400 backgrounds. Examples will be added soon.
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