Chrysler 300H and Other Cars
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Special Editon Lincoln Town Cars
This is my favorite car that I grew up with. It is a 1962 Chrysler 300H Letter Series, limited production auto. Only 435 hardtop 300Hs were built, and 123 convertibles. It had a 413 ci engine with two four barrel carburators and 380 hp stock. There was also a ram inducted 405 hp engine available in the Chryslers, still not the most powerful Mopar engine. However, these Chryslers were primarily built for high speed luxury touring, not stripped down quarter mile performance. I modified the engine through the years to produce over 400 hp. The fastest I ever drove it, before I ever finished the engine work, was 136 mph and it was still winding out. The stock speedometer was a 150 mph speedometer. The photos here of the Chryslers are from many years ago.
Chrysler 300 Letter Series Cars
At the Shrevesport, LA state fair grounds. I used to go there to watch the stock car races. Note the Crager mag wheels.
One of the earliest photos of my car, taken at my parents house. Look closely and you can see the four leather bucket seating arrangement.
Parked next to my Dad's pick up, at my parent's house in East Texas.
Out in the country. Note the hood scoops and the traction bars, which were essential even on this heavy car; which was over 4300 lbs.
At a friend's house in Greenville, TX. Note my friend's 1964 Pontiac Le Man's.
This photo shows the Mustang GT 350 style hood scoops I installed. They were fully fuctional, feeding air to the two four barrel carburators on the 1963 300J ram induction intake system I had put on the engine.
The rear fender showing the 300H lettering on the trunk.
My immaculate 1955 Chrysler New Yorker, one of the first cars I ever owned. This car had a 331 original ci hemi engine with milled heads, reworked four barrel carb, performance mufflers, and heavy duty shocks; over 4400 lbs of luxury road cruiser.I had to sell this car in order to buy the 300H.
          My 1955 Chrysler New Yorker at a Texas state park. Even when I was very young, I enjoyed taking short road trips and photos of where I had been.
Our 1984 Lincoln Continental, the first Lincoln my wife and I ever owned. This was our family car before we bought the 1989 Town Car. The Continental then became my car. These photos were taken in 1989. Click here for more photos.
My wife and our 1989 Signature Series Town Car on vacation in Colorado in the 1990s. This was our family car until we bought our first 1997 Town Car, the silver one, in 1997. I then drove this Town Car. My wife usually drove the family car to work, I always drive on trips.
I have owned other cars, including a De Soto, another Chrysler New Yorker, a 1964 Chrysler 300K, a 1965 Chrysler 300L, a 1979 Chrysler 300LE, and a Chrysler Cordoba. My wife had a Ford Falcon when we married. We have owned a Ford pick up also. The 1984 Lincoln Continental is the only medium or small sized car I have ever owned. It was enjoyable to drive, but I have always preferred large, heavy luxury cars.
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